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2.About TH-Fonts
3.About TH-Formulae
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  Sim CheonHyeong(2002/1/2 - ), Han, was born in Shanghai, China. The author of TH-Fonts and its matching softwares, and TH-Formulae (For details, see below). The owner of the official QQ group "Unicode&Han Characters Communication Group" of yedict. Individual expert of IRG (Ideographic Research Group), member of SAH (Script Ad Hoc), and resident attendee of UTC (Unicode Technical Committee).

About TH-Fonts
  On 2015/10/7, TH-Fonts V1.3.0 (The first version officially released) was available on yedict. In December of the same year, the production of ZiHaiLiangFenIME was completed. In December the next year, the version of TH-Fonts was made a major update, and from then on, it could successfully support all the characters in Unicode, and had been released in February, 2017. Also, the updation of the matching softwares like Input Method Engines was followed by. And the softwares are released on this site in April, 2018.
  During 2020/3 to 2020/6, TH-Fonts V3.0.0 and its matching softwares were released one after another, and uploaded to the download page of this site in 2020/6. Since then, all the characters in Unicode13.0 are supported completely. In 2021/8, TH-Tshyn was updated to V3.1.0, while all the characters in Unicode14.0 are supported. In 2022/8, TH-Tshyn was updated to V4.0.0, while all the characters in Unicode15.0 are supported. In 2023/9, TH-Tshyn was updated to V4.1.0, while all the characters in Unicode15.1 are supported.

About TH-Formulae
  Two formulae "Formula for Octic Equations" and "Formula for Decic Equations" is contained in TH-Formulae. According to Abel-Ruffini Theorem, there is no radical solution for all the Octic Equations and Decic Equations; so TH-Formulae is only able to solve a part of these. For details, please see the Discriminant Rules.
  In 2014, TH-Formulae was first released on, but the pages was cancelled after discovering the mistakes; in 2015, the pages was recovered by a netizen, however, the pictures all went wrong, and was not able to display correctly on the pages. From November, 2017 to December, 2017, the mistakes were corrected, and the Discriminant Rules were updated and simplified, while examples were added.
  In February, 2020, the formulae were updated again, some new special forms of the equations and the corresponding examples were added.

Links of Formulae
  Formula for Octic Equations
  Formula for Decic Equations

Shanghai ICP Record No.18014275