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Fischer Random Chess
1.Initial Setup
2.Introduction and Special Rules
3.Downloading of the ZoG rule files' collection

Initial Setup
  This variant uses a board of 8*8, and there are 960 different starting positions. Players can set the first and the eighth rank arbitrarily, and the two players' setup must be mirror symmetry. Two Bishops must be set on the squares of different colours. Two Rooks must be set at the different side of the King. Please enter a integer between 1 and 960 to see the corresponding setup. (The board may deform when browsing with a handphone, if this happens please zoom the page out)

Introduction and Special Rules
This variant is invented by Bobby Fischer in 1996. Following are the special rules:
  1.Move the King to the c-file or g-file and the Rook to the d-file or f-file while doing Castling. The King or the Rook doesn't need to move in some setups. The conditions which must be satisfied are the same as in FIDE chess.

Downloading of the ZoG rule files' collection
  Click here to download the collection. This variant is in the file Fischer Random Chess.zrf. You can use it after installing ZoG and unlocking it.