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Odin's Rune Chess
1.Initial Setup
2.Introduction and Special Rules
3.Downloading of the ZoG rule files' collection

Initial Setup
  This variant uses a board of 10*10, following is the starting position. (The board may deform when browsing with a handphone, if this happens please zoom the page out)

Introduction and Special Rules
This variant is invented by Gary K.Gifford in 2005. Following are the special rules:
  1.No Castling. No Promotion. No En passant.
  2.Pawn moves and captures one square diagonally, or two squares ahead unless neither of the two squares diagonally forward is empty.
  3.After a Knight's movement, if enemy pieces exist around the square the Knight stands on, the Knight can choose one of the enemy pieces to capture, or choose not to capture anyone.
  4.If the Queen is able to move to the square where a friend piece (except for a friend Queen) stands on, the Queen can move to that square and put the original piece on that square to any one of the square the Queen passes through (include the Queen's starting position).
  5.King moves and captures like any one of the friend pieces (except for a friend King) around it. If none friend pieces or just a friend King is around it, it isn't able to move anywhere.
  6.You can only win after capturing all the enemy Kings.

Downloading of the ZoG rule files' collection
  Click here to download the collection. This variant is in the file Odin's Rune Chess.zrf. You can use it after installing ZoG and unlocking it.